White Vermouth

A traditional aromatized wine, Pergotè White Vermouth is pleasant and original, made through long infusions of the highest quality ingredients.

Beautifully gold, at the nose it reveals hints of white flowers and vanilla, raisins and cinnamon. Soft and enveloping in the mouth, with a smooth, fruity character and a refreshing finish.

alc./vol. 18%

More than a wine

250 years ago Vermouth was born. A wine-based product with herbs and spices that has rightfully earned a place of honour in the hearts, lifes and glasses of many of us Italians.

And if we feel called upon when it comes to wine, just imagine how Vermouth makes us feel. This is more than a wine: in a glass of vermouth is our territory, our history, our tradition. And even a bit of our identity.

The Vermouth next door

How intense are simple things? A bicycle ride, a walk in a field, a picnic in the shade, hands in the cold water and a ray of sunshine warming our faces.

Discover the fragrances of White Vermouth, a set of scents and sensations brought together by the authenticity of nature. As in a bouquet of flowers in the girl-next-door’s hands.

Red Vermouth

A classy, contemporary-style red Vermouth, based on a masterly blend of fine wines, spices and aromatic herbs.

alc./vol. 18%

Amaro d'erbe

Intense, warm, persistent and balanced. The essence of Italian crafting tradition.

alc./vol. 30%