Red Vermouth

A classy, contemporary-style red Vermouth, based on a masterly blend of fine wines, spices and aromatic herbs. Deep garnet red, with amber reflections.

It releases classic aromas of citrus and sweet spices, with delicate herbal notes in the background. The taste is soft, refined,
with a long, persistent finish.

alc./vol. 18%

Here's to culture

Vermouth is all about culture culture; about lounges filled with ideas, opinions, moments of sharing and inspiration that, without a glass of vermouth, would surely be less complete.

We sip vermouth with a book in our hands, with a work of art in front of our eyes, with a concert in our ears. We know that the next inspiration is right in that glass.

A piece of classical art

The tradition that stands behind Vermouth makes this aromatic wine one of the most classic products of our food and wine culture.

A very long-standing herbal tradition, a romantic and historic city like Turin in the background, a policy regulation that protects its quality and a large group of admirers all over the world: if this is not art.

White Vermouth

A traditional aromatized wine, Pergotè White Vermouth is pleasant and original.

alc./vol. 18%

Amaro d'erbe

Intense, warm, persistent and balanced. The essence of Italian crafting tradition.

alc./vol. 30%